Come and dance and move with your friends…

Everyone loves to dance. T’n’G allows children to learn new grooves and express themselves through movement and dance building confidence and self esteem with (optional) ISTD Street Dance & Hip Hop Exams, Shows and performances.

It incorporates 30 mins American tap dance to jazz house music and 30 mins creative, jazz style and also street dance learning BBoy, Locking, Popping, Tutting, House.

It  is a great chance to be inspiried and grasp the Tap’n’Groove method of movement, rhythms, and relationships. The classes will give your child an opportunity to begin to build a sound tap technique, understand rhythm and it’s development, appreciate musical styles, and encourage a sense of  expression and self confidence. Plus make new friends.

What to wear

Students should wear something comfortable. Leggings and T-shirt, unitards, leotard and tights. Belts, watches and jewllery are not a good idea whilst on the move. Footwear should be flexible and have a non-slip sole.
Jazz shoes, split sole trainers and Tap shoes are available from Mary as well as TnG dancewear.

black unitards for girls and black joggers and T-shirt for boys

T-shirts in hot pink, black or white embroidered logo £17

Beefly Hoodies hot pink, black or white £26

Tap Shoes Codes:                U925, RV521, SO330G      OR