16th January 2017

Well done Amelia in successfully auditioning and gaining a place at Tap Attack Associates.

10th January 2017

Welcome back! If you would like to enter your ISTD Tap Exams email and she will be able to advise.

9th December 2016

Well done Queenie n performing and gaining a place in the 2016-2017 Belgrade Theatre Pantomime Dick Whittington

16th December 2013

Remember Parents can view our open day classes this week

15th December 2013

As a teacher on The Dance Register, Tap ‘n’ Groove is pleased
to accept vouchers from The Telegraph for a free taster dance class session.
Collect your voucher from The Telegraph on 21 December, book with us and join

15th December 2013

Well done Megan, Lara, Queenie and Amelia in having the courage to go to their first audition, fingers crossed for Tap attack